• The Cool Connection The Cool Connection

    The Cool Connection is a highly advanced business simulation that is used internationally by the world’s leading companies to train personnel up to and including executive management level in the complexities of supply chain management and supply chain finance.

  • Circular Economy Circular Economy

    With a world being depleted of its resources, we are at the footsteps of a 'circular economy’ period where resources are used continuously and their values are maintained.

  • Pick Optimization for Chaotic Storage Pick Optimization for Chaotic Storage

    SELCO experts developed an innovative approach to generate optimum picking lists in minutes, even for very large order-line & inventory spaces

  • SC Control Tower SC Control Tower

    Luminate Control Tower helps you to gain real-time end to end visibility of your, supply chain, respond efficiently and profitably to supply chain disruptions by means of proactive alerts and exception management, and collaborate and make real-time decisions with internal and external partners.


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